Harrisburg Diocese Files for Bankruptcy

February 19, 2020: The Diocese of Harrisburg filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the aftermath of its Reconciliation Program to voluntarily compensate sexual abuse survivors.

The Diocese of Harrisburg is believed to be the 26th Catholic diocese or religious order to file for bankruptcy reorganization.

The bankruptcy court will soon set a claims bar date which will be the deadline for survivors to file a claim in bankruptcy court or they could lose their legal rights forever.

The Diocese of Harrisburg is using bankruptcy to continue to conceal the truth about predator priests in this diocese and is designed to critically impede the excavation of information through the civil justice.

The threat to the safety of children is real and persistent as long as this information is kept secret. However, survivors still have the power to shine a light on this peril, find healing and help keep kids safe.

We believe the Diocese of Harrisburg’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing demonstrates that top diocesan officials would rather avoid scandal and keep their knowledge about predator priests hidden, rather than have their secrets exposed and be held accountable for their institutional sins of the past.

If you or anyone you know was abused by clergy or lay persons of the Diocese of Harrisburg, you should contact our offices immediately in order to bring a timely claim in the US Bankruptcy Court.

What Should You Do Now?

Contact Immediately as the Deadlines for Submission of Claims will be Limited.  We can help you in the process by obtaining the information and documents necessary to substantiate a claim.