We are proud and honored by the compliments that we receive from our clients. Here are a few of them… Please contact us for answers to more complex questions or questions specific to your case. The initial consultation is free.

I want to thank you also for all the help you have been through this entire process. My family & I are grateful for your expertise, your kindness and constant support. We also appreciate your continued commitment to help others who are in this same despicable situation.  I will definitely keep you in mind should we or someone we know are in need of your assistance in the future.  —Family member of deceased survivor of clergy sexual abuse

I truly cannot thank you enough for the due diligence you did in trying to aid a person you do not even know Mr. Monahan. Over the weekend, I was able to gain the help of a family friend to assist me in typing up a document that would meet my needs. As my business continues to grow and expand, I will need the help of attorneys and will be seeking out your business as well as recommending it as well. Kindness shown to those in need is always rewarded. Never change and stay safe in these uneasy times. —Bobby Dodds, Chester County, PA—2020

“A family member of a good client of mine unfortunately was the victim of institutional sexual abuse.  While I very much wanted to help my client and his family, I had a difficult time figuring out what exactly to do with it.  While researching other similar matters, I noticed Mr. Monahan’s name coming up frequently.  After giving the matter some thought, I reached out to Mr. Monahan and asked him if he was interested in taking the case as a referral.  Fortunately, he agreed with my assessment that the case was very strong and he took it on.  That proved to be the best decision I could have made with the matter.  Mr. Monahan handled the matter with diligence, professionalism and compassion and succeeded in making my clients feel comfortable in what was a difficult, uncomfortable and, almost certainly, sometimes humiliating situation.  At the same time, he kept me actively informed of developments in the case and, further, invited me to stay involved in it by attending client meetings and depositions.  He succeeded in reaching a good settlement with the institution and one which enabled my client to achieve some sense of justice and for my practice to obtain a good referral fee.  I highly recommend that other attorneys with clients with similar matters contact Dan.” —Peter L. Johnston, Esquire, Philadelphia, PA—2020

From the very beginning, I knew that Dan Monahan believed in me and that he was committed to giving me the very best legal advice.  His wise counsel, suggestions, and immediate responses with a personal touch never wavered.  When there was traveling involved, he never questioned and was there for me every step of the way.  I always felt comfortable with Attorney Monahan knowing that I would receive expert, professional guidance and caring support.  I give Attorney Monahan and his paralegal 5 stars plus! —Maureen, Allentown, PA—March 2020

I have worked on cases with Monahan Law Offices over the years and not only does Dan Monahan use all the traditional methods to build a successful case.  He thinks outside the box and develops creative approaches to emphasize the unique damages each client has suffered as a result of another’s negligence.  He is concerned about the obstacles clients face during litigation and his efforts are always geared to a practical but aggressive solution to each case.  Use his experience, professionalism, and commitment to success, you will be comforted by your choice. —Jerry Foley, Esquire, Mt. Pocono, PA—2020

I was seriously injured in a trucking accident to which I have never fully recovered from to this day. I was referred to Mr. Monahan by my prior lawyer who thought the case was beyond his abilities and expertise. From the moment I met Mr. Monahan he fought to get what was rightfully mine from the insurance companies and did not let them push me around. I am sure I would have never gotten near the settlement I received had I stuck with my other lawyer. I have sent many of my friends to seek counsel from his firm and I also continue to use his firm in the many ways as the occasion warrants. He still even keeps in contact with me just to make sure I am doing OK I think that says a lot about what a good man he is, not just the great lawyer he is.  Andrew, Coatesville, PA, August 2013

A down-to-earth lawyer

Months after my son’s auto accident, it became clear that he would have some lasting effects. Dan came highly recommended and it was the smartest decision we could have made. Dan was easy to talk to and made us feel at ease. He explained the process and fully prepared us for the experience which was often stressful. Dan was patient, understanding, and always accessible. I would not hesitate to recommend Dan Monahan to family and friends.  (This case resulted in an award of $650,000 after Mediation in June 2014).

Dear Dan,  Thanks for your hard and diligent work in getting my case to completion.  It was a long road in getting to the point of conclusion with the resistant insurance company.  It was worth it all.  I appreciate your consistency in working the case.  It was a pleasure woth with you.  Best regards, John and Nancy Herb

Here’s what a workers’ compensation client had to say after we favorably resolve her claim:

I just wanted to say hello and thank everyone for such a great job that was done to help me.  Good luck and God Bless you and your families.  Have a Nice Easter.

Carmen Dowridge, Coatesville, PA

I feel such gratitude to you for those very precious and important moments you gave me!  The book, Gift of Fear, is excellent–  I was really wondering if a book could really help after the fact, but it really has!  Thank you for the after thought included in your letter of legal issues/rights reminder.  I hope you’ll keep this card as my authorization to discuss with anyone the contents of our conversations.  I will always be grateful you are in the world helping, guiding, counseling– a beacon of lights.  I wish you and your family the happiest holiday season and bright, prosperous New Year!  Jennifer Brown

I was totally satisfied with your services. I had checked out many lawyers on line and to be honest about it, I chose to contact you after previewing your online website because you honestly stated that one does not need an attorney for workers comp unless it is in jeopardy. The majority of attorneys want to convince prospective clients to sign on to the 20% fee asap.   Edward J. Kroll, Lower Frederick Township

Vernon Garver of Coatesville, PA wrote:

I first hired Dan Monahan as my lawyer for my workers’ compensation case in 2001. At that time, I had plenty of questions about workers’ compensation. Dan Monahan was very easy to ask as many questions as I had, and he always kept me informed of what was going on in my case either by answering my phone calls, writing me letters or personally meeting with me whenever I asked. His accessibility was the most important part of our professional relationship.

The laws of workers’ compensation in Pennsylvania are very confusing, and Dan Monahan gave me a good understanding about many things I didn’t understand before I met him. One of those things was that I could also receive Social Security Disability at the same time. He got me in touch with another expert, and I eventually won that case too.

With Dan Monahan’s expert advice, I was able to settle my case for the best possible amount. If anyone has the faintest doubt about his services, they can contact me.

Robert J. Uncapher of North Coventry, PA wrote:

I came to Dan with a personal legal matter unsure of how to proceed. In a short 20 minute initial meeting, Dan walked me through several scenarios and provided me with options and a wealth of great advice that untangled the matter and showed me that it could be easily resolved. His advice was invaluable and I quickly discovered that he is not what people would call a typical lawyer. He talks to you like a person and he genuinely cares. In my opinion, Dan’s the guy you want to call when you need legal advice.

M. Lindblad of West Chester, PA wrote:

For Personal Injury cases, I highly recommend Monahan Law Practice. Dan Monahan handled my case with professionalism and integrity. He showed empathy with regard to my injury and I am more than pleased with the outcome!

Wiliam L. of South Carolina wrote:

I want to thank you for your professional services provided by you and your office staff. Especially the fact that you kept me informed every step of the way. You were readily available for my questions that arose and the results were extremely satisfying. With my move down to South Carolina, you were able to continue with my case without my having to fly back to Exton, and this was greatly appreciated. Thanks for everything.

Linda R., of Norristown, PA wrote:

When I was in desperate need of a lawyer and after being turned down by a number of lawyers, Dan Monahan accepted my case. If it was not for Dan’s hard work and legal expertise, I do not know where I would be today. Dan fought hard for me and was there for me every bit of the way. He was always encouraging and ready with a kind word. If I called with a question or concern, he always promptly returned my call. Dan also has the best staff; Kathy is a very special person. She is the friend everyone wants in her life. Although Dan settled my in 1996, I continue to call him for guidance and advice. And, as always, he returns my calls promptly. Dan and his staff are the best.

David Krause of East Greenville, PA wrote:

After I was injured on the job and disabled from every returning to work, the insurance company tried to stop my benefits on three separate occasions. Each time Dan Monahan defended me and fought the insurance company from stopping my compensation. After they lost every attempts, we were able to get a great settlement. I told the Judge at the last hearing that I wanted to thank Dan Monahan for his legal services.

Steven Wah of Coatesville, Pennsylvania wrote:

I am very pleased with Mr. Monahan’s handling of my automobile accident case. He handled the case quickly and efficiently and kept me advised every step of the way. Anyone who asks me for a referral, I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Monahan.

“You can’t do better than Dan Monahan. He’s a fine man and he treated me fairly.” “When looking for a lawyer, you can’t do better than Dan Monahan. He’s a fine man, he really is. I’m not just saying that. Dan treated me fairly and was good to me. He was very friendly and upfront with me. And Dan always had time for me. If I called when he was busy, he always made time for me and explained everything for me. I could not have asked for better guidance. If I need a lawyer again, I would sure go to him again. I would send my friends, too. I miss talking to Dan.” L. Dean Blackburn Parkesburg, Pennsylvania

“Dan is very caring, thorough, outgoing and honest — a down-to-earth lawyer.” “Dan is very caring and thorough — a down-to-earth lawyer. He’s very outgoing and honest with his clients. His staff is wonderful, too. I have recommended several friends to Dan.” Sarah Saul Sinking Spring, PA

“Dan is a gentleman, a fine attorney, and I would certainly refer my friends to him.” “Dan is a gentleman, a scholar, a fine attorney and a really decent person. Dan is very accom-modating and sympathetic. He always gave me good advice that I was able to follow. I was very impressed with his family relationships with his father and mother. He’s quite concerned about them. I consider Dan my personal attorney. I would certainly refer my friends to Dan.” George Decowsky West Chester, Pennsylvania

“Dan is a great guy and very reachable whenever I need him.” “Dan is a great guy and very reachable whenever I need him. When I call his office, he always called back soon. Dan is very, very helpful and I would recommend Dan to anyone.” Austin Ham, Sr. Oxford, Pennsylvania

“Dan did an outstanding job for us. He definitely got the job done. Dan is awesome.” “I have never encountered an attorney like Dan Monahan. He’s honest, candid and prompt in his action. I had a worker’s compensation case and after a year I could not get other attorneys to help us. Dan had a heavy workload and still took our case. He got right on it, got us a settlement, and got things worked out in a matter of months. “Dan’s advice has always been right. Dan might tell you something you don’t want to hear because he’s always honest. I have the utmost respect for him. Plus, Dan is very attentive to detail. He doesn’t miss anything! One day he and I had a conversation on the phone and he remembered everything I told him, right down to the smallest detail. “Dan does things by the book. He wants to get you what you deserve. He’s an upstanding law-yer who’s honest and straightforward. And he deals only with hard facts and doctors’ reports. “Dan responded immediately any time I contacted his office. I’ve had no problems reaching Dan or getting an appointment with him. He even called me when he was on vacation. I can’t say enough good things about Dan. Dan treated us like a member of his family. He was concerned about our wellbeing. Dan did an outstanding job for us. Dan is awesome.” Carol Younce Conowingo, Maryland

“Dan is a very good lawyer. Plus, he’s personable, accessible and accommodating.” “Dan is a very hard-working lawyer and he’s very good at what he does. Dan is personable and very accessible. Dan runs his office in complete harmony with his clients. He is available at any time I wanted to call. And Dan listens to his clients and understands what they need. He’s very accommodating. Not only will I refer friends to Dan in the future, I have already referred friends to Dan.” Margaret Ann Magliano Honey Brook, Pennsylvania

“Dan is professional and pays great attention to detail. I absolutely recommend him.” “Dan is very professional, personable and pays great attention to detail. He was most helpful taking care of my situation. I’ve had situations where I needed help, and Dan has taken care of everything. And he’s very accessible. Dan’s receptionist is always very, very friendly and easy to talk with. She takes care of things and makes sure Dan gets his phone messages. I would absolutely refer friends and colleagues to Dan.” L. Steven Moore Downingtown, Pennsylvania

“Dan is the most excellent lawyer I could ever recommend.” “Dan is the most excellent lawyer I could ever recommend. He has been a personal friend for 20 years. Dan is a winner and has my utmost respect. I like him as a person and as an attorney. He’s very professional looking and presents himself well. Dan is a great person. I have recom-mended him and will continue to recommend him.” Lynette Moore Nottingham, Pennsylvania

Dan has helped me in so many ways. Even when I call late at night, he calls right back.” “I have known Dan for 11 years. He has helped me in so many ways. And if he couldn’t handle my case, he sent me wherever I needed to go. Even when I call late at night, Dan gets right back with me.” Kim Fulmer Coatesville, Pennsylvania