Compensation for Crime Victims Due to Inadequate Security


How Can We Help You

Perpetrators of crime often have few assets and cannot compensate you for injuries, even if they are convicted. However, third parties and their insurance companies can, however reluctantly. In the area of premises liability for inadequate security, third-party defendants are not the persons who committed the crime, but the people or companies who may have contributed to or made it easier for criminal offenders. You may want to pursue an inadequate security lawsuit. Third party defendants may be:

  • Landlords or colleges that failed to provide adequate security
  • Shopping malls that did not hire security guards or take other necessary precautions
  • People who allowed children access to firearms or other dangerous items
  • Schools, churches and child-care centers that did not properly check the backgrounds of their employees
  • Tavern owners or social hosts who continued to serve alcohol to intoxicated persons

If you are the victim of a crime in Pennsylvania, and think that the person responsible for your injuries will never pay up, don’t give up. As a premises liability lawyer in PA, Mr. Monahan may be able to help you collect large amounts of money for damages to your property, injuries, pain and suffering, lost wages and more.