Crime Victim Cases and Inadequate Security

Monahan_Law-REPRESENTS CRIME VICTIMSNearly 30 million Americans fall victim to crime every year. In many cases, victims are left with expenses for medical care, counseling, lost wages, property damage and more. Fortunately, you may have several ways to recover money for your injuries and expenses, including:

Restitution. A Pennsylvania criminal court may order a perpetrator to reimburse certain expenses incurred by you, your survivors, or persons who have become responsible for your maintenance and support as a result of a crime. Unfortunately, even when a Pennsylvania court orders restitution, it is often not collected. This lack of enforcement, combined with the limits on the type of damages that may be included in a restitution order, often result in restitution falling far short of meeting your needs.

Pennsylvania State Crime Victim Compensation Fund. Compensation may be available from Pennsylvania’s crime victim compensation fund. These funds are designed to reimburse you for certain losses and expenses resulting from the crime, such as funeral expenses, medical bills, counseling fees, lost wages, and other out-of-pocket costs you incur. The amount of compensation may be reduced by amounts that you have received from insurance or other sources.

In addition, Pennsylvania state law provides limits on how much money can be given for an individual crime or a particular type of loss. There are also other restrictions on eligibility for crime victim compensation.

Civil Lawsuit. Restitution and crime-victim compensation often do not cover your full economic losses, and neither source pays anything for hard-to-quantify damages such as pain and suffering. A civil lawsuit may provide you with more complete compensation. Contact Mr. Monahan today to learn how he may be able to obtain fair compensation for your injuries in this area.

Premises Liability for Inadequate Security

Perpetrators of crime often have few assets and cannot compensate you for injuries, even if they are convicted and ordered to pay restitution. Fortunately, third parties and their insurance companies can, however reluctantly. In the area of premises liability for inadequate security, third-party defendants are not the persons who committed the crime, but the people or companies who may have contributed to or made it easier for criminal offenders. Third party defendants may be:

  • Landlords or colleges that failed to provide adequate security
  • Shopping malls that did not hire security guards or take other necessary precautions
  • People who allowed children access to firearms or other dangerous items
  • Schools, churches and child-care centers that did not properly check the backgrounds of their employees
  • Tavern owners or social hosts who continued to serve alcohol to intoxicated persons

If you are the victim of a crime in Pennsylvania, and think that the person responsible for your injuries will never pay up, don’t give up. Mr. Monahan may be able to help you collect large amounts of money for damages to your property, injuries, pain and suffering, lost wages and more. Monahan Law Practice are experts in crime victim representation.