Monahan Law Practice Supports the Catholic Worker

November, 2020: Monahan Law Practice Supports the Catholic Worker

The Catholic Worker movement was started by Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin in New York in the 1930’s.  For over fifty years beginning in the late 1940’s when my mother and her twin sister volunteered for the Catholic Worker, my family has supported their cause.

In the most recent biography Dorothy Day: Dissenting Voice of the American Century, her work was summarized as follows:

In the midst of the Great Depression, Day founded the Catholic Work to provide food and shelter for the destitute while publishing a newspaper of the same name (still in print today) that took to the task the excesses of capitalism, the dangers of big government and the military-industrial complex, and America’s obsession with consumerism and technology.

The Catholic Worker remains alive in Philadelphia and throughout the country.  Barbara Blaine, the late founder of Survivors Network of those Abused by Priest (SNAP) herself was a Catholic Worker whom I met in at Philadelphia’s House of Grace in 2011.

Monahan Law Practice contributes to support their mission in Philadelphia and also in Haiti.

If you have a question about Clergy Abuse, contact us.  We can help you in the process by obtaining the information and documents necessary to substantiate a claim.