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You may have concerns or questions on a wide variety of issues affecting your family or business raised by new COVID 19 laws or circumstances. I am working with a team of lawyers outside my firm who may be able to answer your questions if I cannot. Do not hesitate to let me know if you have concerns regarding any of the following and I will put you in touch with a trusted colleague:


What you should do if you are the survivor of predatory sexual abuse by a boy scout leader.

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) filed bankruptcy as the number of sexual abuse claims against the organization continues to rise. We believe that the Boy Scouts of America are using Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization to keep perpetrator names and documents secret.

Survivors should know they still have a voice and can still bring a claim for the harm they suffered. It’s time for anyone abused as a child in the Scouts to come forward.

FALL 2019

ELECTRIC SCOOTERS fun – but dangerous

if you live in or have recently visited a big city, you may have seen more electric scooters than you ever had before. That’s because of the explosion of scooter-sharing programs from companies like Bird, Lime, Jump, and Lyft. The general idea is that you use an app on your smartphone to rent a scooter, ride it to your destination, then leave it for the next rider to use. These electric scooters are fun and convenient but are also dangerous.
The potential for accidents involving electric scooters increases when they are not used in a safe way. Not in a safe way can mean – when scooters are used by children, when riders do not wear helmets, when people ride scooters on sidewalks, when more than one person rides a scooter, and when they are left in unsafe places where they can present a trip hazard.