Monahan Law Practice, P.C. has published the Fall 2015 Newsletter that is sent by mail quarterly to existing clients.  If you would like us to put you on our mailing list, please email  These Newsletters contain valuable information about developments in the law that may affect your rights as a worker, injured party or consumer.  They also contain information about various types of lawsuits and what you can do to begin an investigation into whether or not you have a potential case to discuss with us.

In addition, as an added service to our clients, there are a variety of articles on other areas of the law that may affect you and where we may be of help in referring you to the appropriate lawyer who handles those specific types of cases.  This month, we have featured an article on what to do if you have been accused of a crime, and why everyone needs a will.  Other articles of general interest in law will be forthcoming in future issues of the Newsletter.

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