Monahan Law insights on COVID-19 and beyond

Summer, 2020 NEWSLETTER:

COVID-19 and Beyond. How we can help:

You may have concerns or questions on a wide variety of issues affecting your family or business raised by new COVID 19 laws or circumstances. I am working with a team of lawyers outside my firm who may be able to answer your questions if I cannot. Do not hesitate to let me know if you have concerns regarding any of the following and I will put you in touch with a trusted colleague:

  • Wills and Estates, Powers of Attorney, and Medical Health Care Directives: Wills and Estates, Powers of Attorney, and Medical Health Care DirectivesThese documents are essential especially during difficult times like these where the unexpected can happen on any day.  Do not delay reviewing your existing estate documents including your Will if you have one, and if not, having one drafted by an attorney who specializes in this area of the law.  Powers of Attorney and Medical Directives are also important documents to have in the event of a medical crisis so that your financial affairs and medical care decisions can be made by the persons you trust.
  • Employment Related Issues: There is a growing concern about how Covid-19 may affect workers’ compensation benefits for employees who contract the virus at work, especially for essential workers like nurses, doctors, and other health care providers.  Will Social Security Disability Insurance cover you in the event of serious illness?  Will you be covered by unemployment insurance in the event of a lay off or can you consider a wrong termination claim if you are fired from your employment.
  • Family Law Concerns:  Are there concerns about alimony and child support in the event of a change in financial circumstances.  What concerns may arise regarding custody issues in the event of a change in living arrangements.
  • Bankruptcy Protection: Do the bankruptcy laws in the United States afford you or your business a way to protect you from financial disaster during these trying times for employees who have lost income or small business owners whose livelihood have been seriously impacted by the virus.
  • Medicaid and Veteran’s Benefits:  Do these federal benefit programs provided the needed resources for persons forced to consider nursing home care or in-home services for the seriously ill elderly population, and are there advantages to be had for advanced planning in order to qualify for these valuable benefits.

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