Speed Trap Cameras Prove Effective Deterrent to Speeding

Smile You’re On Candid Camera: Speed cameras reduce speeding

Whether you are photogenic or not, your captured image speeding through an intersection will clearly land you a speeding ticket in the mail. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety compiled data on the effectiveness of speed cameras in reducing speeding. The results were very impressive. In Scottsdale, Arizona, the first city to install the cameras, noted that prior to the install 15 percent of drivers were traveling faster than 75 mph on sections of a busy urban freeway with a 65 mph posted limit. Once the cameras were in place on Loop 101, the number of violators plunged to 1-2 percent. It seems if we know that big brother is watching, more and more of us tend to adhere to posted speed limits. Since the effectiveness of these cameras is so impressive, more and more of these cameras are due to be installed in areas all over the country. Officials note that the cameras end up paying for themselves with income generated through speeding tickets issued.

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