Premises Security Experts Essential for Evaluation and Investigation of Inadequate Security Case

Premises Security Experts Need to Investigate and Evaluate Key Elements in a Negligent Security Case

  1. The growth in the private security industry over the past decade has shed new light on emerging concepts, guidelines and enhanced customs and practices in the field of premise security. Attorneys and investigators experienced in this area of negligence law need to consider a variety of factors and issues when considering a negligence security case for crime victims. These include the following:The experts first glance for any environment must consider a 360 degree circumference of the property.

Are there any open gates whether they be personnel, policies and procedures, or physical equipment.

Has the investigation included a review of police reports, photographs, and an analysis of the security program.

Has the primary purpose of physical security passed the test of the Big D’s: Deter, Detect, Delay and Deny Access.

What are the security layers and do they involve security personnel, cover and concealment, environmental design protection and equipment.

Have security measures met the industry standards established by the ASIS International

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