MAIN LINE TODAY features Dan’s fight for victims of clergy abuse

August, 2020 MAIN LINE TODAY, Frontline Issues by J.F. Pirro: Keeping the Faith. With little fanfare, Exton’s Dan Monahan has found a measure of closure for victims of clergy abuse.

He’s 67 now, but Dan Monahan was once an alter boy serving Roman Catholic masses in rural Connecticut. At his small church, Father Y (the only name he knew the priest by) was revered. “We were told that he was God on earth,” says Monahan, who’s now a personal injury lawyer in Exton. “And so we were indoctrinated.”

During one mass, delivered in Latin, Monahan wet his pants rather than abandon the altar. “Don’t worry,” the priest told him. “We’ll clean it up.” Now, after more than a decade of disclosure after disclosure involving sexual abuse among the clergy, Monahan reflects on the cunning, programmatic behavior among those in purple garb. “It was like there was a playbook,” he says. “They picked on kids whose fathers were alcoholics, or whose mothers were overly devoted. They gave boys chores—ways we could help. It was like they were all given a manual on how to groom.” These days, Monahan’s firm is a first stop for victims of clergy abuse. The deluge began in 2010 with a client who was violated in grade school at Bryn Mawr’s St. Aloysius Academy for Boys, then again … click here to read the entire article