$300,000 Verdict for Mild Brain Injury

Jury Awards Client $300,000 for Pain and Suffering Claim Only

After a four day trial in Monroe County Pennsylvania, a jury of 12 found in favor of our client in the amount of $300,000 which was three times the highest offer by the defendants before the verdict.

Our client, a 31 year old beautiful young woman, was crossing from the employee parking lot when she was hit by a beer truck who had failed to stop at the Stop Sign.  There was no cross walk where our client walked and she did not use a Pedestrian Bridge provided by the employer from the parking lot to the business site.  Defendant admitted negligence but argued that our client was significantly negligent also in failing to use the pedestrian bridge in violation of company policy.

The jury accepted our argument that she took every precaution required by Pennsylvania statutes in crossing the street where there were alternate routes and found that although negligent, there was no factual cause for the injuries suffered.

Despite our client’s admirable qualities of moving on with her life and work without significant medical treatment, the jury’s award reflective the non-economic damages that our experts and fact witnesses testified had occurred and were likely to continue.

What Should You Do Now?

The time to start investigating a lawsuit as a result of an auto accident starts immediately to gather crucial evidence to support a negligence claim and to insure that your medical treatment is taken care of immediately.