In June 2015 I argued the appeal on two cases involving survivors of childhood sexual abuse by priests of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.  Both cases had been dismissed by Judge Jacqueline Allen of the Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia County.  Plaintiffs appealed to the Pennsylvania Superior Court arguing the injuries as a result of childhood sexual abuse cannot be known by many survivors until years later.  Like the Court’s decision in creeping disease cases like those involving asbestos exposure, there have been decisions that extend the Statute of Limitations until a medical diagnosis of injury has been made.

The Superior Court in an unpublished decision by three Judges refused to consider that argument and once again adhered to a draconian position that children know they were injured when the sexual assault occurred.

Unfortuantely, medical science and common sense has confirmed that this is not often the case.  This fight will be brought to the Courts again given the right set of facts and circumstances.

Anyone who was sexually assaulted by a Catholic priest or any other adult under the guise of an authority figure of any institution including the Catholic Church or any other religious organization or such organizations that deal closely with children such as Boy Scouts or Youth Groups should contact Dan Monahan directly at 610-363-3888.