Monahan Law files child sexual abuse complaints against the Diocese of Scranton

July, 2020: Monahan Law filed two child sexual abuse complaints against the Diocese of Scranton. The cases identify two child abusers formerly employed by the diocese.

“These brave survivors are pulling back the curtain to expose a real, immediate threat to children entrusted to the care of the diocese”, according to Monahan

The two perpetrators identified in the claims are Robert Caparelli who was a priest until 1991 and later died in prison in 1994.  Lawrence Weniger was a priest until March 1971 and died in 1972.

“The Complaints filed are a true testament to the incredible courage of these survivors, those survivors that came before them, and those that will come after them. The filing of these lawsuits allows the survivors to finally take back their power and control that they lost when they were abused,” said attorney Daniel F. Monahan. “For decades, there has been a culture of pervasive, systemic sexual abuse of children within this diocese. It’s time for these survivors to seek justice and hold the Diocese of Scranton accountable.”

These brave survivors recount how childhood sexual abuse destroys one’s ability trust in others and in themself.  It eats away at them even as they try to suppress the events. It does damage that is nearly unquantifiable. When a priest abuses a young, trusting boy, he takes something that you can never get back. These survivors believe that they need to publicly stand up and say this happened.

What Should You Do Now?

Contact Immediately.  We can help you in the process by obtaining the information and documents necessary to substantiate a claim.