Mediation Results in $325,000 Award to Sexual Assault Victim

Mediation Results in $325,000 Award to Sexual Assault Victim

After a Mediation before a Judge Pro Tem for the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas, Dan Monahan obtained $325,000 for a mentally challenged woman who was sexually assaulted by a resident when visiting the mental health care facility.

In January 2017 our client was visiting her friend at a mental health facility located in the Philadelphia suburbs to end her relationship with this patient.  When he demanded she give him “payback sex”, our client contacted her father who spoke to the residential supervisor to demand that his mentally challenged daughter not be permitted to return to the patient’s room. 

Despite specific guidelines adopted by the mental health facility, the residential supervisor did not to prevent the violent attack from taking place.

Despite one attorney already rejecting the case, our office filed the Complaint on the eve of the Statute of Limitations.  Through discovery we were able to demonstrate that the facility was negligent in their operation.  After retaining an expert psychiatrist, we established that the client suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

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