Monahan_Law_AUTO ACCIDENTSThe statistics are troubling enough: In 2005, some 43,443 people were killed and 2,699,000 injured in car crashes. What is even more disturbing is the extent to which victims of auto crashes suffer physically, emotionally and financially, and how hard insurance companies fight to avoid paying adequate compensation to victims. As a specialist in car accident law, Mr. Monahan’s experience in handling a wide range of auto accident cases and commitment to investigating every possible contributing cause, helps ensure the best possible outcome in your case. Success in this area of the law requires a unique set of skills and knowledge from a variety of disciplines. Mr. Monahan will take over the investigation of your case, assist you in finding appropriate medical care, work with your care providers to delay payments until your case is resolved fairly, and fight the insurance companies tooth and nail on your behalf. In short, he will handle the matter so you can concentrate on recovering from your injuries. If you need an auto accident lawyer in Philadelphia or the surrounding region, call Dan Monahan today for a free consultation.  (610) 363-3888.